Oxford’s 38 colleges and six permanent private halls are both an integral part of the collegiate University and also independent, self-governing academic communities. Diverse in age, size and scope, all contribute significantly to the core activities of the University:  learning and teaching; research; and wider engagement with society.

                                  About the Conference     Meet the Oxford Colleges


                                  Learn more about the Conference of Colleges, its committees, and its relationship to the wider University of Oxford.


                                  View details of the current officers of the Conference and its Secretariat.


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                                  Members' Area

                                  Detailed committee information is accessible to staff members of the University of Oxford and Colleges through your Single Sign-On.


                                  Learn more about the Colleges of the University of Oxford

                                  The collegiate system is at the heart of the success of the University of Oxford, giving students and academics the benefits of belonging to both a large, internationally renowned institution and to a smaller, multidisciplinary, academic college community. Colleges and halls enable leading academics and students across subjects and year groups, and from different cultures and countries, to come together and share ideas.  Each college is supported by its own team of staff working across an array of professional, management, support, and technical roles.

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                                  Community engagement

                                  Learn more about the Colleges' work in our community

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                                  Community engagement    Visiting the Colleges
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